Vicki's Pet Services
At Home Dog Boarding / Doggie Daycare
Do you feel guilty when you have to leave your dog behind because you have to go to work or you go on vacation?  I know what it feels like to have to leave your loved ones behind, but stop feeling guilty and let Vicki’s Pet Services help.  We offer a loving, professional, and safe environment for your pet.  We understand how difficult it can be when you can’t take your pet with you.  Our service isn’t a typical boarding facility.  We don’t put your dog in a cement kennel.  We go beyond just feeding and watering them.  We offer them plenty of love and exercise and the best part is they stay right at our home with us.  Our home can be your dog’s home away from home which means they won’t go through the anxiety that can be caused at a typical boarding facility.  We only take in a small number of dogs at a time so they are assured the proper care and attention they deserve.  Of course we follow your own ‘house rules’ and any feeding schedule/diet, you have in place.

Your dog will receive lots of attention and exercise.
This is a free environment for your pet with a 4ft by 10ft or 4ft by 5ft bedroom of their own.

If you don’t have time to drop off or pick up your pet we can do it for you.

While our drop off and pick up times are flexible we do require an appointment.

Agility course

We follow your daily feeding and exercise routines.

10 acres land with 5 acres fenced yard

Virtually no risk that your pet will catch some kennel illness.

Your pet is never left alone we always have someone on site to watch them.

We offer affordable prices.

We continue any basic training that you have started with, such as potty
   training your puppy, or sit/stay commands, and walking on a leash.

Visit our home to get to know us prior to boarding your dog with us.

Of course, we offer references on request.

Coming in the Spring of 2019 a Dog Pool!!

Your dog should be.
Social with other dogs
Up to date on flea and tick control
Up to date with vaccinations
Well groomed and clean
Pet owner should
Provide pet’s food,toys, and bedding.
Provide a copy of pet’s current vaccination records.
Fill out our registration form.
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9689 367th Street

North Branch, MN  55056

Vicki's Pet Services - Hours of Operation
Closed January 3rd - 12th
Owner drop-off/pick-up
7 Days/Wk -- 8am-8pm
Vicki's Pickup-Up/Drop-Off Service (Holidays Excluded) --
7 Days/Wk -- 8am-5pm
Phone calls answered --
7 Days/Wk -- 8am-8pm
Interviewing (Appointments to "Check Us Out")--
Mon-Sat -- 8am-5pm