Hi, my name is Vicki and I am the owner of Vicki’s Pet Services

Several years ago while still working in a office I took a vacation for a week and had to leave my two beloved Cocker Spaniels at a kennel.  I had never used a kennel before and just assumed my dogs would be cared for.  After all, this was what people did when they went out of town.  After seeing the kennel (a cement room with a doggy door that led into a small fenced-in area outside) I was reluctant to leave my babies but it was too late to change our plans.  I came back after that week to find that my dogs were filthy, starved for attention, and very scared and skittish.  They were given no attention or care other than the minimum of feeding and watering.   I decided at that time there had to be a better alternative for pet owners.  That is when I decided to start Vicki’s Pet Services.  Vicki’s Pet Services offers you an alternative to kennels.  I've made my home your dog’s home away from home.  I know how hard it can be to find good quality pet care so I created a place where you can leave your pet with complete peace of mind.  Your dog will be treated with personal attention and care so you can relax and enjoy your time away.  Whether you are going on vacation, out of town for work, or just need daily care for your dog.  Vicki’s Pet Services will be there for you and your pet.   I offer a fun, safe, and relaxing environment for your pet.  I take care of puppies, senior dogs, big dogs, small dogs, mutts and purebreds.  They are all treated with love and kindness.  Our motto is “You can never give too much love!”.  So, come on over and visit us.  We would love to have you.
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9689 367th Street

North Branch, MN  55056

Vicki's Pet Services - Hours of Operation
Closed January 3rd - 12th
Owner drop-off/pick-up
7 Days/Wk -- 8am-8pm
Vicki's Pickup-Up/Drop-Off Service (Holidays Excluded) --
7 Days/Wk -- 8am-5pm
Phone calls answered --
7 Days/Wk -- 8am-8pm
Interviewing (Appointments to "Check Us Out")--
Mon-Sat -- 8am-5pm