Same Day Daycare          $20.00/day          Monday - Friday          8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Overnight Boarding         $25.00/day
If you pickup by 10 am on your last day of boarding, you will charged a discounted rate of $15.00 for that final day of boarding.
Pickup/Drop-off              $25.00                   40 Mile Radius
VPS recommends/prefers dropping off your pet as early as possible in the day, to allow your pet time to acclimate to the environment.  This will ensure a more comfortable first night for your pup.  Discounts are not offered for late drop-offs.
Short-Term and Long-Term Care is Available

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9689 367th Street

North Branch, MN  55056

Vicki's Pet Services - Hours of Operation
Closed January 3rd - 12th
Owner drop-off/pick-up
7 Days/Wk -- 8am-8pm
Vicki's Pickup-Up/Drop-Off Service (Holidays Excluded) --
7 Days/Wk -- 8am-5pm
Phone calls answered --
7 Days/Wk -- 8am-8pm
Interviewing (Appointments to "Check Us Out")--
Mon-Sat -- 8am-5pm